Recommended Baby Registry in Manila: A fun experience preparing for the arrival of your baby

Shopping is one of my favorite activities and I am sure it is also goes for majority of the women out there. So imagine the excitement I felt when I found out I was pregnant. My urge and instinct to shop for the baby kicked in right away. I remember my boyfriend telling me that it was too early to go buy baby items since I was just 3 months on the way. What I would do during my first and second trimester was go to baby stores during weekends and browse baby online shops during my free time to get ideas on what I wanted and needed to buy. I made sure that I researched on all available brands and products in the market– from its specification, to ratings and reviews, to safety hazard and even compared prices. I wanted to make sure I will choose items that’s best suited for my daughters needs and of course the best value for my money.

But Oh My! What I thought would be really fun and easy ended up being so confusing and overwhelming.  I had so many questions and doubts. First of all, I did not know what I needed to buy. What should I prioritize? I was on a strict budget after all. Second, there are so many brands and products in the market and people I asked had different preferences (online mommy groups, brand reviews and Mommy friends) and Third, which store can I get all the items I need without any hassle?

When I found out the gender of my baby at 21 weeks, I was already so excited to start nesting. I knew that my family and friends were going to throw me several baby showers when I reached my 8th month. I was very fortunate because I had 3 planned baby showers (1. high school, college and other friends 2. officemates 3. family and family friends).

My friends and family were going to give me (my baby actually) gifts in the baby shower (Yes, nagassume po ako. lol). Therefore, the first thing that popped in my head was creating a BABY REGISTRY.

Advantages of a BABY REGISTRY:

  1. Guests/friends can give you what you really need and want (specific brand and quantity)
  2. Prevents from duplicating gifts
  3. Saves time and money for the guests. They don’t need to go from one store to another and have a list of choices depending on their budget

The search for the best baby registry was ON! My choices were SM Department Store, Mothercare Philippines (limited choices, very expensive, bad reviews on their service from my online research), Rustan’s (very expensive, high end brands, limited branches and choices, products and service are really good though, sosyal pa!) and Baby Company stand alone branches (guests can only purchase from the specific branch, SM Dept has baby company inside). I ended up choosing SM DEPARTMENT STORE. No regrets at all!SM-Gift-Registry_2


  1. Everything you need is there. Once I registered for the baby registry, they gave me a checklist of all the baby essentials I will need once the baby arrives. Let me tell you, they have all the brands and products available from different parts of the world and from all price points. They have everything you need from age 0 above. I did not need to go anywhere else. It’s a one stop store. I was 8 months pregnant and could hardly walk and stand for a long time. This is why SM was very convenient for me since I could sit down anytime in their benches, I had a sales person push the cart and be the runner for me and I was able to choose 90% of all I needed in one day.

    One side of the baby section in SM Makati


    I can spend one whole day in this place

  2. So many choices and options to choose from. There is one whole floor for the baby section. It can get overwhelming at first but it gives moms and dads choices and not limit themselves to one brand or product. One of the hardest decision I had to make was choosing the stroller and bottles. For the strollers, it took me a few days to decide. I was very impressed because the SM sales people knew their products very well. They compared each one and explained to me the advantages and disadvantages of each. They weren’t pushy and answered all my questions.  For the bottles, I had to make sure I wasn’t just going for the best brand but I wanted the best features such as the size and shape of the nipple. There were so many options of bottles in every brand and I was happy with the variety of options.

    strollers to choose from and a lot are on Sale


    Bottles to choose from in all shapes and sizes


    This is just one side of the baby clothes section

  3. Service is fantastic. I was a bit hesitant in the beginning because SM is not really known for their service. but I was pleasantly surprised. I had no problems in choosing the items because most if not all were available. I came on a Saturday morning to choose the items and they assigned one person to assist me and my mom. She was with us for 4 hours choosing each item. So many sales people assisted us and helped us choose. They brought up all the items we chose to the gift registry and gave us 60 guests’ cards that we could give to our guests. They told us that in 24 hours the list with pictures and prices will be up for viewing online. And it was up in less than 24 hours! The whole process was smooth and they were really helpful. Good Job SM Gift Registry!


    This was a sample of my gift card that was given by SM

  4. Free Delivery–  Guests can have the gifts delivered for free at any location of choice within the city. Guests must purchase the item in the SM where you register though. It was hassle free for me and the guests who will buy big items.
  5. Free Gift wrapping- SM Gift Registry offers free gift-wrapping with so many choices of colors. Infairness, Hindi tipid sa wrappers and soyal tinggnan.
  6. There is a 10% Discount on all regular items purchased and points on SM Advantage cards – This is valid for one (1) month before the event and 7 days after your event date
  7. You can choose additional items to be added to your wishlist and all items can be viewed online.This was really awesome because guests can see which ones have already been taken and which one they want to buy prior to going to the store.
  8. SM Department Store is EVERYWHERE– This was a major deciding factor for me. I didn’t want my guests to have a hard time buying a gift specially with the traffic in the Metro. Guests can purchase gifts at all SM Stores nationwide except SM Quiapo. Check out the SM nearest you store locator
    thumbnail (14)

    Gifts I received from my baby showers

    thumbnail (15)

    Delivered in my house by SM

    thumbnail (17)

    I received so many gifts in different sizes and different colors of gifts wrappers. I couldn’t fit them all in my room anymore.

    thumbnail (23)

    Gifts I received from my baby registry. I honestly did not need to buy anything else because my friends and family wiped out my registry

    thumbnail (22)

    I am one lucky Mommy to receive all of this from my Family and Friends

Please do visit their website to learn more about their services smgiftregistry

If you are planning to create a Baby Registry, I highly recommend SM Department Store. It will be a fun experience for both Mommy and Daddy. In my case, even the Grandmother enjoyed the experience. If you are wondering which branch I registered in, It was in SM Makati. Happy Shopping and Nesting!

I hope this helps you!



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